Lancashire and Cumbria former and retired Barclays staff



We are a Group of former and retired members of Barclays Staff who live in Lancashire and Cumbria,

The aim of the Club is to bring together former colleagues from the area to take part in a number of relaxed, friendly days out, meals and activities and to provide support and contact to those who find they need it

We currently number around 450 members. Of those members we have around 180/200 who are classed as ‘active’ members. This means those members either attend an event or take part in a postal quiz each calendar year. Barclays fund the Clubs according to their memberships with active members gaining the Club the most revenue to continue with the following years activities.

We have a Committee made up of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary for Cumbria, Secretary for Lancashire and Treasurer. Alongside those are a number of welfare officers who each have a small portfolio of members whom we feel we need to remain in contact. That contact can be just a short ‘ how are you’ to ‘what can we do to help’ in times of need.

If you live in the North West, are 50 or older & have worked for Barclays for 15 years or more, or are the widow or widower of someone who did, do join us, we would love to see you.